Research Intelligence Analyst
Job ID: R0039226 | Database Administration | Full Time | Charlottesville, VA
The Research Intelligence Analyst will enable data-driven decision making for the Research Development (RD) team and the Vice President for Research's (VPR) office. The RIA will contribute to the development and execution of all phases of research intelligence projects, including gathering requirements; developing queries; designing studies; analyzing data; interpreting and reporting findings; and creating narratives, tables, and data visualizations accessible to a broad audience. The RIA will enable the VPR's office to provide accurate and timely information to internal and external stakeholders, support informed planning and decision-making at all levels, allow responsive reporting by research leadership, and enable evaluation of programmatic investments in research. This position reports to the Associate VP for Research Development.

The RIA will integrate data from multiple sources and create and maintain a variety of large administrative, financial, and technical data sets for the VPR's office. The RIA will conduct ad hoc research intelligence projects and assist the AVPRD in assessing trends in the research ecosystem at UVA and beyond. This will include conceptualizing, analyzing, and contributing to the design of comprehensive data visualizations and reports that include assessments of research portfolios, proposal and award pipelines, operational efficiency metrics, expertise in specific areas of research, and benchmarking of peers and aspirants using metrics that illustrate institutional capacity and demonstrate the impact of UVA research. There is the possibility that remote work will be considered for this position.

The Research Intelligence Analyst will:
  • Develop, maintain, routinely update, and use data from a variety of sources to support the research enterprise and reporting requirements. This includes integration of internal data (HR, Financial, Sponsored Projects) and external data (publications, awards, NSF HERD).
  • Develop a strong understanding and database of faculty research capabilities, expertise, and interests, as well as signature and emerging programs across grounds.
  • Develop and maintain an institution-wide performance dashboard of strategic research metrics, to be displayed on the VPR website.
  • Serve as RD's data steward, working with the AVPRD and RD team to support a data-informed culture within the University's research ecosystem.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and report required and requested data and information from disparate sources to support the team in developing develop clear, actionable plans and assessments.
  • Produce data reports in a variety of formats, including narrative, tables, and graphics.
  • Track and prioritize data requests for timely resolution and develop repeatable analytical processes for recurring requests, reports, and publications, using tools standard to the field.
  • Demonstrated experience with research design, data mining, predictive analytics, sampling, modeling, statistical analysis, large data sets, online databases, and data visualization.
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and highly organized with the ability to work across multiple projects at the same time while meeting deadlines.
  • Flexibility to work both independently with minimal supervision and cooperatively within an interdisciplinary team.
  • Commitment to data quality, accuracy, security, and integrity and the ability to professionally handle confidential data.

Minimum Requirements
  • Education: Master's degree required.
  • Experience: 3-5 years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualification:
  • Familiarity with higher education issues and performance indicators for research.

Physical Demands
This is primarily a sedentary job involving extensive use of desktop computers. The job does occasionally require traveling some distance to attend meetings and programs.

COVID Vaccination Requirement and Guidelines


Please visit the UVA COVID-19 Job Requirements and Guidelines webpage prior to applying for current information regarding vaccination requirements and guidelines for employment at UVA.




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Rhiannon Michelle O'Coin
Rhiannon Michelle O'Coin
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Charlottesville, VA
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Rhiannon Michelle O'Coin
Rhiannon Michelle O'Coin
Senior Recruiter
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