Manager, HIT Service Desk
Job ID: R0033180 | IT Management | Full Time | Charlottesville, VA
The Manager of HIT Service Desk is responsible for managing the programs and resources of the centralized IT service desk. In this capacity, the manager is responsible for establishing standard work where appropriate to provide consistent support, managing the team responsible for providing that support, understanding key processes associated with incident management, and communicating service outages with appropriate members of leadership and operations. Further, the manager is responsible for tracking performance against established targets and ensuring the highest quality of end user support with a goal of enabling users to leverage IT systems to provide the highest quality of patient care.
  • Provides exceptional leadership to a team of service desk professionals. Creates a culture of team member empowerment and engagement, both within the leader's team and across the entire division.
  • Manages centralized service desk support activities:
    • Maintains strong relationships with IT leaders. Seeks feedback on existing offerings and opportunities for new programming to meet evolving needs.
    • Establishes clear expectations on the manner in which end-user support calls are handled, including setting clear expectations for communication and customer service with end users and IT colleagues, communicating how tracking tools are to be utilized, and setting standards for triage and dispatch of calls to other teams.
    • Develops relationships with other support resources within the organization, and coordinates with others to ensure that standard work is leveraged to provide a consistent end-user experience across the portfolio of support offerings.
    • Establishes internal processes to track the nature and quantity of calls, and escalates issues and problems to the appropriate IT leadership in accordance with documented policies, processes and procedures.
    • Communicates service outages in accordance with HIT policy and process.
    • Monitors quality of programming.
    • Ensures that appropriate feedback mechanisms are in place to assess the quality of the service desk team. Conducts observations of analysts and provides direct feedback on opportunities for improvement.
    • Ensures quality and consistency in the manner in which support is delivered, using standardized tools, templates and instructor expectations.
    • Establishes feedback mechanisms for team members who make use of support resources, and creates processes that ensure that regular review of the feedback informs changes or improvements to programming.
    • Establishes robust tracking mechanisms and processes to ensure that service level agreements are being met, and reports those outcomes to IT leadership on a specified schedule.
    • Ensures that tools used in support of the service desk, such as issue tracking systems and status boards, are used and updated with consistency.
    • Working collaboratively with training resources, assesses the types of challenges that users experience and suggests modifications to programming to address those challenges.
    • Remains informed on major changes that are planned and prepares service desk team members for the nature and quantity of calls expected as a result of that change.
  • Provides effective leadership to the support team:
    • Understands and demonstrates a commitment to organization's vision, values, purpose and direction.
    • Aligns department goals with the strategic direction of the Health System broadly and the HIT direction more specifically.
    • Implements goals and objectives effectively with appropriate staff involvement and delegation.
    • Demonstrates a commitment to improving the patient experience, and uses that commitment as a true north to determine team priorities.
    • Appreciates the importance of standard work and defines, documents and communicates standard work to team members to ensure alignment and consistency.
    • Recognizes the criticality of effective communication and is deliberate in crafting communications in a way that aligns team members around a common set of principles or goals. Conducts regular team meetings or huddles to share topics of common concern, and conducts one-on-one meetings to ensure that team members may share questions or concerns in a timely manner.
    • Identifies strong talent to join the team, and designs onboarding programs to set new team members up for success.
    • Conducts regular career counseling sessions with team members, seeking opportunities to match team members to initiatives that align with their skills, abilities and interests.
    • Promotes strong employee engagement by coaching the team into an appreciation for their role in improving the patient experience, and by helping team members identify metrics that allow them to appreciate the impact they have on others within the organization.
    • Finds opportunities to celebrate the contributions of the team/work group.
    • Serves as a steward of institutional resources by cultivating a qualified and engaged team, managing within established budgets, maintaining accurate team-wide and individual team member status against established goals, maintaining current demand management documentation detailing commitments to projects, and adhering to standards for intake, governance and project status reporting.

  • Communicates appropriately using good interpersonal skills.
    • Positive, professional demeanor is projected through verbal and non-verbal communications.
    • Information for patients and staff is delivered in a manner that is supportive, timely and understandable.
    • Interpersonal conflicts are resolved using appropriate methods and organizational resources, including, but not limited to, Employee Relations Services and Faculty Employee Assistance Program.
    • Diverse perspectives are acknowledged; language and behaviors are modeled that build inclusiveness in the work environment.
    • Ideas and suggestions are clearly communicated. Clarification of communication is requested when appropriate.
  • Serves, manages and supports internal and external customers.
    • Privacy is maintained at all times for patient and employee information.
    • Actions are initiated to meet or exceed customer/co-workers expectations in delivering service by implementing the I Make the Difference philosophy (Ownership begins with me; Greet customers by making eye contact and smiling; Provide positive, professional and prompt responses, e.g., helping visitors find their way; Close every interaction with "Is there anything else I can do for you?").
    • Appropriate resources throughout the organization are used consistently to meet customer needs.
    • Relationships with staff in other work areas are fostered to meet internal and external customer needs.
    • Positive working relationships with peers, management and customers are maintained at all times.
    • Organizational Mission and Values of Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Excellence are evident in behaviors.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities.
    • Participation in performance improvement activities and initiatives is ongoing.
    • Initiative is demonstrated to proactively diagnose and resolve problems.
    • Change is met with positive, supportive behavior.
  • Participates as a team member and is accountable for own work responsibilities.
    • Time off is scheduled to avoid disrupting workflow.
    • Help is offered to others to solve problems and complete tasks to facilitate communication and positive team dynamics.
    • Productive work habits are consistently displayed.
    • Accountability for actions and decisions is demonstrated in daily work.
    • Feedback is solicited and accepted in a positive manner.
    • Constructive input is offered to support the work unit.

Position Compensation Range: $89,523.20 - $143,228.80 Annually

  • Education: Bachelor's degree required. Master's degree required.
  • Experience: 10 years of experience in information technology, preferred experience in health information technology.
  • Licensure: None.

This is primarily a sedentary job involving extensive use of desktop computers. The job does occasionally require traveling some distance to attend meetings and programs

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Vybhava Vijayabhaskar
Vybhava Vijayabhaskar
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